Interviews will be held online in Zoom. Zoom link is given below:

Topic: 2024-2025 Fall Semester Engineering Management (MHY) Master's Program Interviews (International Students) 
Time: Jul 2, 2024 09:30 Istanbul

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Meeting ID: 950 4030 6696
Passcode: 347536

Candidates must log into the Zoom session at least 5 minutes before the interview time slot.

IMPORTANT: A minimum of 2 reference letters must be uploaded to the system or hand-delivered during the interviews.

Engineering Management (MHY) Master's Program - Interview List

Tuesday, July 2, 2024
2.Jul Tuesday 09:30 10:00 229438 Ja***Ey***Sl***
2.Jul Tuesday 230305 Gh***Mo***Bo***Ei***
2.Jul Tuesday 234031 Ah***Aw***Mo***El***Ab***
2.Jul Tuesday 236036 As***Ba***Ta***Na***
2.Jul Tuesday
2.Jul Tuesday

MHY Master's Program Pre-conditions:

>> Those who have a bachelor's degree from engineering programs can apply.
>> ALES Numerical must be minimum 88.(old system GRE Quantitative must be 750, new system must be 159). 
>> Undergraduate GPA must be minimum 2.75/4 (70.83/100). 
>> Students who are accepted to the program must fulfill the conditions specified by the Program Executive Board.