The department has a PhD program in Management Engineering offered by the ITU Institute of Science and Technology (IST) for more than twenty years. Besides, Management and Economics PhD programs are underway and will be offered by the Institute of Social Sciences (ISS) in near future. 

IST – PhD in Management Engineering

Beyond the knowledge of management engineering acquired in previous studies, the PhD program focuses on creating academically talented researchers with international recognition.

As in the MSc program, students with backgrounds other than management engineering or industrial engineering have to follow a list of preparatory classes and be successful. Apart from the courses, weekly departmental seminars are organized in management and in economics in addition to the regular seminars by the Institute. After the completion of courses, students who pass the proficiency exam become PhD candidates and are qualified to write their thesis.

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Program Coordinators
Assoc. Prof. Ferhan ÇEBİ
Asst. Prof. Bersam BOLAT