About Management Engineering

Management Engineering is a scientific discipline, which designs, implements and/or develops models, processes and systems by taking into account the engineering relationships between the management tasks of planning, organizing, leading and controlling and the human element in production, research, marketing, finance and other services. 

Management engineers develop a special expertise in integrating the models, processes and systems that they have developed in different organizations, which function in diverse technological environments and under a wide array of economic, environmental, legal and social constraints.

The Vision of Management Engineering Department

The vision of Management Engineering department is to be the role-model institution in the world by graduating engineers, managers and economists, who are able to shape national and international future as influential leaders and to affect the world by producing high-caliber scientific knowledge. 

The Mission of ITU Management Engineering Department

1. to graduate individuals, 

• who thoroughly comprehend the dynamic nature of social, economic, engineering and/or management systems and are able to design and implement one or more of these systems, 
• who are equipped with capabilities to forecast environmental changes and make decisions under temporal and contextual constraints, 
• who can develop interdisciplinary solutions and/or synthesize complex and innovative ideas, 
• who can truly understand the merits of life-long learning and 
• who have developed a strong awareness about social responsibility; 

2. to contribute to the scientific, technological and socio-economic development by producing and diffusing original knowledge both at the international and national levels. 

The mission of I.T.U. Management Engineering (BSc.) Program

To graduate innovative and inquisitive management engineers, who are imbued with strong moral virtues of their profession and are able to design, implement, manage and continuously improve systems and applications that are geared to identify and solve problems with technological, economic, legal and managerial dimensions in business, industry, government and non-profit settings. 

Educational Objectives of I.T.U. Management Engineering Program

As the educational objectives of the ITU Management Engineering Program, regardless of the career path that our graduates pursue, we want them to

a. have a strong groundwork in management engineering concepts, models and techniques and an understanding of the need for life-long learning to recognize and solve management engineering problems in dynamic settings, 

b. have a sound understanding of the impact of management engineering solutions in a broad context and of the ethical matters that relate to their profession, 

c. demonstrate effective communication, team working, leadership and entrepreneurship skills with regard to diverse engineering settings, systems and projects, 

d. have an ability to integrate their skills and knowledge into proactive, innovative and sustainable solutions for different social and technological settings.