The History of Management Engineering Department


The origins of the Faculty of Management go back to the 1940’s when Mehmet Tevfik Hamdi Biren (a former Minister and Professor of Economics) began teaching economics courses at ITU. As ITU was divided into several faculties, these courses evolved into the Division of Economics and Administrative Law as a part of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. In 1977, the members of the Division, who taught economics, management and law to the students of ITU, founded the Faculty of Management Engineering.

When the Turkish higher education system underwent a radical change in 1982, the newly created Turkish Higher Education Council (YOK) transformed the existing faculty into the Faculty of Management with two departments: the Department of Management Engineering and the Department of Industrial Engineering (which at the time was under the Mechanical Engineering Program).

Since then the Management Engineering Department continues to develop, offering more undergraduate and graduate programs as well as supporting research through several research centers.